Tyson’s Official NCAA Tournament Bracket (As Filled Out By His Wife)

Something you need to know about me: I got married in March. Something else you need to know – my wife is incredible and thus extremely understanding of the amount of sports viewing that I take in. As such when March Madness hit, it seemed to go unnoticed that I was not just watching a game a night, but rather, multiple […]


Oscar Predictions

The Oscars! It’s that time again. Last year, I had this to say in preparation for our Oscar Predictions piece: I don’t want to pretend to understand the philosophies and voting practices of the Academy, but leading up to the 2014 Academy Awards, the common narratives are always “Who Will Win,” and “Who Should Win,” […]


Signing (In Pencil) Day

  Story originally run on February 15, 2014. Right before we launched the website, I was in the midst of a massive Twitter follow fest.  At the time, the news dominating most airwaves revolved around the next coach at Texas.  As a result, I started following almost every beat writer in Texas in hopes that I […]